Sometimes this whole internet thing can be pretty darned confusing.  To help, I’ve put together some tips to help you easily navigate my website.

Q: How do I submit a recipe to the website? 

A: Send an email to “meredithmccameron -at- gmail -dot- com”  … Of course you’ll have to write it how it sounds when you send me an email.  I spelled it out like this on my website to ward off spammers and fishers who will send me junk email. 

Q: How do I comment on your posts?

A: On each post, there is a little link in the bottom right hand corner labeled “Comments” … Click that, fill in a name (or a nickname, preferably not your whole identity) and then fill in your email (Nobody will see it) and then fill out the comment box and click “Submit Comment.” 

Please comment after you’ve made the meal… even if you hated it.  The feedback is good to know.  Also, let us know if you substituted the ingredients to something that’s healthier or easier.