My name is Meredith McCameron and I was born and raised in Tucker, GA.  Growing up right outside of Atlanta was an amazing experience and definitely has made me who I am today.  I grew up in a community that was rich in culture, entertainment, and creativity which presented me with millions of opportunities throughout my life.  One of the main reasons I am creating this blog is because I LOVE food and I LOVE projects.  When you put the two together, you in turn get “cooking.”

I come from a family where I can count the homemade meals for the entire year on one hand (I counted Christmas as three fingers alone…).  I struggled with weight the majority of my childhood and I blame that mostly on the lack of knowledge I had about what I was putting into my body.  Now that I have started to educate myself I have found cooking to be a truly fun experience.  Trust me it can be hard, time consuming, and horrible when your meal does not turn out as planned but it has many more rewarding moments than bad ones.

I currently live in Greenville, SC and one of the main ways I discovered the in’s and out’s of this city was through food.  I can probably tell you where every restaurant is located and what type of food they serve.  I am going to update my posts with some of my favorite recipes and sometimes I will even post the meals that I plan on cooking for others.  I would love for people to respond and reply with some of your favorite recipes as well.  Take care and I look forward to reading your posts.